Getting The People And Success Equation Right to Ride The Wave

THE RIGHT PEOPLE The “right person” is someone that is trustworthy and has good character. Stephen Covey Jr.’s book “The Speed of Trust” describes trustworthiness as a function of both character and competence. THE RIGHT SEAT It’s almost impossible to speak about the right person without also speaking about the right seat. In fact the reason we go looking for the right person is because there’s a seat to fill, we have a need. THE RIGHT THINGS The “right person” is someone that is trustworthy and has good character.

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How to Trade and Investments in Miami Tie Back to Your Business

There is a ring of excitement in the air in Miami. Every day the South Florida Business Journal, Florida Trends, the Miami Herald and other forms of media are reporting on business owners and investors from around the nation and around the world buying property, starting companies and expanding existing companies.

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How to Ride it by Unlocking The Potentials of Your Business Model and Strategy

For those of us that have been following the unfolding events here in Miami, there’s a buzz of excitement in the air mixed with a bit of fear and a portion of curiosity. I am often asked, “What can I do, how can my business be ready to ride this “Wave of Opportunity?” Great question! If you’re familiar with the legend of King Arthur, you know that the power isn’t in the answer, it’s in the quality of the questions asked.

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7-step Readiness Guide to Riding Miami’s Economic Wave of Opportunity

What could you expect to gain from a $33 billion economic impact in Florida? — Simply put, a lot!
On July 28, 1896, 344 registered voters voted and Miami was born as a city. This momentous event happened largely through the efforts of Julia Tuttle (a widowed landowner) and Henry Flagler (a railroad tycoon) who are fondly called the Mother and Father of Miami. At the time Julia Tuttle, prophesied “Miami will one day be a great city, a center of trade with South America and a gateway to the Americas.”

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