Getting the People and Success Equation Right to Ride the Wave

It’s all about getting the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things, at the right time, for the right reasons, then you win! If not, its struggle and strife. The world of business and the workplace environment has changed forever.

This panel discussion addresses a long standing South Florida complaint regarding the challenge of getting good people, the lack of local talent, the inability to attract top talent then retain them and South Florida’s “brain drain.”

There are two sides to the coin. Teamwork, engagement at the highest level, productivity, flexibility and getting results. The other side of the coin is vision and mission, culture and purpose, leadership and investing in the team for growth.

This Miami Growth Advisors business community and panelist discussion, along with the white paper on the same topic, addresses these considerations, providing the five things you need to have in place to get the people and success equation right so you can ride the wave of opportunity in 2014 and beyond.